For the patients For the patients

6_patient-sThe cost for the medical checkup and treatment is counted by the accounts department of appropriate clinic individually for each patient. All financial documentation will be granted to you.
The cost accounting for the medical checkup, operation, treatment and rehabilitation is made individually on the grounds of the case record and your discussion by phone with the representative of the firm.
The cost of operating treatment will be calculated separately by the accounts department.

The consultations with the doctor and the the offers of medical checkup and treatment are gratuitous. The cost of medical management makes 15-25 % (15 % is the minimum interest rate of management services in Germany) from cost of medical checkup, treatment and rehabilitation. The discounts for the cost of medical management are provided for the patients repeatedly addressing to our services, for example, the patients with oncological diseases passing a full cycle of chemotherapy and radial therapy.

We can organize additional service by your request.

By request of patient, additional expenses may be included into the cost accounting (purchasing of medicaments and medical instruments, costs for the accompanying person, food and other expenses). Money for such expenses shall be given to the patient by cash on his (her) arrival, or used by his (her) instructions.

The patient shall incur expenses purchasing airplane tickets.

These expenses may be included in the cost accounting, if necessary. In that case we shall purchase and pay for airplane tickets. It has a special sense when the additional charges and costs on purchase of the air tickets are paid by the sponsor or enterprise where the patient works.

In case of medical program being changed during the patient staying in Germany, the additional payment to the firm or repayment to the patient shall be done.

The additional payment may be done in the event that it’s necessary to continue the treatment over the program being approved, by transfer or credit card payment.

The repayment may be done by order of the payer, by transfer or in cash.