Program of your actions For the patients

In order to establish a connection with us, you should provide the necessary information by filling in patients application. We shall get into contact with you in the shortest possible time in order to answer to your questions and to fix the details.

In the event that medical checkup, consultation or treatment is necessary, we’ll send to you, after having discussed the time, plan of treatment and prices with the specialists or clinics, the time of arrival and assessed value of the treatment in the clinic (including a detailed description of additional non-medical services). The accounts for the payment of treatment, being made on basis of legal norm, are clear and easily understandable. The payment for the individual service is also included there.

If you don’t make any changes and are agree with all, please send us the confirmation in writing.

The payment for the treatment shall be made preliminarily, at the latest days 14 before the treatment is begun, by transferring to our account in Germany the sum approved beforehand by the parties and indicated in the invoice.

The payment for the medical service, consultations, medical checkup and treatment shall be made preliminarily, as a rule, by transfer of the sum indicated in the invoice to our account in Germany. As agreed, the prepayment may be made after the arrival in Germany, immediately in the accounts department of the representation of the firm, but necessarily before the admission to hospital or beginning of out-patient medical checkup / treatment.

The embassy or the consulate of Germany will open a visa for you relying on the invitation and the receipt on payment of the account.