The assistance of the firm For the patients

The firm West Medizin will organize rendering medical and not medical services to the patient and represents the interests of the patient in Germany. The agreement on rendering of such services may be made both with physical and with the legal persons.

The firm, together with clinics, not only develops the plan of the medical checkup or the treatment, but also inspects the fulfillment of it and contributes to a scheduled course of treatment.

In case of need, the representative of firm in Moscow will help you to receive a visa promptly immediately in consulate of Germany in Moscow.

If you have a spare time after the treatment, the firm will help you to organize the tourist program under condition of the consent of the doctors in charge of the case.

In case of need, the firm will organize to the patient the consultation by correspondence of the doctors in charge of the case, after the treatment has been completed. Such consultations allow making corrections to the scheme of treatment by the results of them or by the appropriate adjustment to the course of pharmacotherapy.