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westmedizin.com Treatment in Germany

After your have applied to us, we shall define in the shortest time a term to begin the consultations and treatment and, if it is necessary, we shall supply you with a place in the clinic.

After having received you application form and the application form of the person accompanying you, if any, we shall send to you the invitation, relying on which you will receive the visa in embassy of Germany in the shortest time. If you need the additional help, especially on fulfilling all formalities concerning your arrival and treatment, you will receive it from us and from our representatives in Russia. We shall also help you purchasing tickets and, if necessary, reserving a hotel room.

It is undoubted that only the use of the last achievements of medicine and the treatment by the leading experts determines the success of the treatment. Therefore, choosing leading experts mainly in Germany is considered to be our main aim. These specialists will do all their best diagnosing your case or eliminating your health problems.

We shall organize for you the post-surgical or rehabilitation treatment, if necessary.

The successful treatment assumes the free dialogue between a doctor and a patient. Our firm has competent translators of medical specialization, which allows not only to translate all documents to German language on the fly, but also to render the necessary help to the patients on the spot.