CHECK UP – the program and its conception Examination

On order to localize a probable disease at an early stage and preserve health, we propose to you the program of medical checkup called “CHECK UP”.

The idea of the program CHECK UP realizes our orientation to the individual characteristics and interests of our clients. Being in conformity with this idea, the program provides the main medical checkup oriented to the scale of age for men and women. There are programs provided for men and women for the scale of age: under 40 years old, from 40 to 55 years old and over 55 years old. This scale of age is based upon the fact that additional risk factors arise since a certain age. The program CHECK UP shall exclude these factors. If an undesirable abnormality is revealed by the results of the checkup, the additional particularized checkup may be prescribed.

Most of medical checkup may be realized both out-patient and in-patient, staying in clinic during 2-3 days. Your doctors will ever inform you about the results of checkup and their subsequent actions.
If your knowledge of German language does not allow you to communicate freely with the doctors carrying out the checkup, and if you need the support of the qualified interpreter, we shall take care of it. In this case, the services of the interpreter are important not only to find out the results of the checkup, but also to formulate them correctly and to achieve a maximum effect of the checkup.

Taking advantage of our services, you fall into careful hands: we shall accompany you when formalizing your arrival, during the medical checkup, organizing your treatment in Germany, if necessary, and your return in Russia after all planned works have been finished. The evaluation of the level of health services in Russia doesn’t come into out tasks, but, knowing a level of health services in Germany, we recommend to you to benefit from the German medicine which occupies one of the leading positions in the world.