About the firm West Medizin

westmedizin.com About the firm West Medizin

1_company-sThe firm „West Medizin“ is founded to organize in Germany the medical checkup and treatment of foreign patients, included the patients from Russia. Unfortunately, the patient is not always given an opportunity to get the treatment which is necessary for him and which he would like to get. Therefore ever more patients trust their health to the medicine of Germany deserving to hold one of leading positions in the world. Medical checkup, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in the best clinics of Western Europe with the assistance of leading experts in the field of disease of the patient, using the newest development in medicine, medical technology and pharmaceutics are the guarantors of success in Your treatment.


Means and tasks of the firm

The main purpose of the firm “West Medizin” is to provide the patients with a complex solution of problems and tasks on organizing medical checkup or treatment and finally restoring their health.

The main task of work carried out at that is the problem of the reasonable choice of the experts and clinics having the greatest experience in particular in the field of disease of the patient and being certainly best in this area.


The main conception of the firm

The main points of the idea of the firm are:

  • the individual approach to a solution of problems of the patient;
  • the reasonable choice of a clinic and a leading expert in the field of disease of the patient;
  • “clarity” of the financial party of treatment which supposes submission of all accounting financial documents, including the accounts of treating clinics.