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In this section we would like to acquaint you with various aspects of forthcoming medical checkup or treatment, with the peculiarities of the mode of life in Germany and with many other things which could be of interest for you. If it is not of special interest for you or if you can’t find answers to the problems you are facing, please contact us by way of the Internet. We shall operatively answer to you questions and render the necessary help.

Many articles are so-called different opinions taken from the Russian Internet, and do not express our opinion. Our additions are in brackets.


1. How should you behave in Germany

If you would like to invite somewhere your German friends, you should go in the French or Italian restaurant. It may be inexpensive, but necessarily comfortable. (The cookery is quite good also in Greek restaurants)

Gifts are guessed too, mainly French ones. When you go on a visit, you may buy flowers and souvenirs as a gift. In Germany it is accustomed giving flowers not only for women, but also for men, but not calles. If you have decided to buy as a present alcoholic drinks, you should choose a good wine, it is not allowed to bring stronger drinks. (Mainly French gifts? We did not know it until now.)

The Germans like peace and order. In Germany it is not allowed giving evening-parties after 21 o’clock. The time permissible for calls also expires at 21 o’clock, as the Germans get up and go to bed early. In the morning you may call from 7-8 o’clock (if you need to call at 7 o’clock, you should better arrange about it beforehand). On Saturday in the evening you shouldn’t call at all. (It’s all true.)

It is not allowed talking loudly outdoors, you should avoid gesticulations, do not give vent to your temperament. On the contrary, it’s better not to pull children up: they are given full liberty in Germany. (You will be especially blamed if you try to punish the child outdoors.)

When you meet someone, you should know that the Germans greet each other by the family name, save very close friendly relations. If, for example, you introduce yourself by the first name, you propose more intimate level of relations at once and put your interlocutor in embarrassing situation with it. The change to the reference by first name requires the special permission, it is similar to the familiar greeting. When you lift the handset, you should also say you family name — it’s obligatory.

Don’t show your wits in Germany. You interlocutor might understand you word for word and be offended.

The Germans like punctuality. The apologies are hardly accepted. You should remember that the traffic congestions begin at 16 o’clock, and the peak hours end by 19 o’clock.

You should precisely observe the rule of the road. If you violate the rule, you are threatened with a rather heavy fine. The fines for ticketless travel in the subway and urban electric trains are particularly high (from 30,00 €). Purchasing tickets, do not forget them to punch.

Staying «in queue», you should maintain a distance».


2. Holidays in Germany

There are national and religious holidays in Germany. The time of religious holidays changes from year to year in accordance with the ecclesiastical calendar. Moreover, religious holidays may be work-free and not in different regions. Therefore, there are only common holidays indicated below.

New Year’s Day is celebrated on the first of January.

The traditional religious holidays are Good Friday, Easter, Ascension (40 days after Easter), Trinity and the Monday 50 days after Easter. 12 days after Trinity, on Monday is Corpus Christi.

1 May — Labor Day
3 October— German Unity Day
31 October— Reformation Day
16 November — Repentance and Prayer Day
24 December — Christmas Eve
25-26 December — Christmas


3. Documents necessary to formalize a visa:

  1. Passport for traveling abroad, valid minimum 3 months till a day of return from the country;
  2. Biographical particulars;
  3. 2 identical photos by size 3 х 4 cm done not earlier than half a year ago;
  4. Photocopies of all pages of the internal passport;
  5. In the event that the child under 18 years travels with one of his (her) parents or independently, the notarially certified letter of attorney of the second parent or both parents and a photocopy of the birth certificate of the child is required;
  6. Reference issued in the place of work, indicating the work position and the salary.

The consular department of the embassy of Germany has the right to demand any additional documents or to call to interview the clients requesting the visa.