Appeal of the director of the firm About the firm West Medizin

Dear friends, dear partners! 

We are glad to have a possibility to see you again on our site. Your interest in it means for as that you like our stile of work, our help to you and to you clients in recovering health and carrying out the medical checkup. And if you meet for the first time, we ensure you that you have found a trustworthy and careful partner, for whom the interests of patients and partner make the most important role.


Our firm have passed a complex way of formation during the period of its existence. But our high exactingness towards ourselves and clinics working with us, our healthy patients, returning in Russia, have predestined our success.

Our motto: «We represent not clinics but your interests in Germany» conforms to our business philosophy. We think that there are no clinics which could be the best in all orientations, there are clinics which are leading in some sector, since the leading specialists are working there. And we propose to each our patient the clinic leading in Europe or having leading professors in the sector of our patient’s diseases.

Our approach in choosing clinic remains both for the early detection of diseases and for ordinary diagnostic preventive checkup.

Having entrusted to us yourself, your family or clients, you may be sure that you will receive the highest possible help solving problems with your and your clients’ health.

Yours faithfully

Dr Robert Hartung
director of the firm “West Medizin”